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Amazing selection of shapes & Colors from 2X2 to Palace sizes | Wool & Silk from all around the globe | Antiques, Semi-Antiques, Vegetable Dyes of city, Village, Nomadic | Tribals from Afghanistan, Persia, Pakistan, Tibet, China & India

Up to %70 off of real market price. Get %10 more discount just by mentioning website when you call us at (404) 355-1550 or visit our Bazaar. Simply browse our rug inventory through Rug Inventory menu. 


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GABBEH BC11573 BC-1573 15215722
GABBEH BC11573 BC-1573 15215722 allover gabbeh new openfield pakistan wool xlarge
GABBEH EB200609 EB-09 15176819
GABBEH EB200609 EB-09 15176819 gabbeh iran openfield small wool