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Amazing selection of shapes & Colors from 2X2 to Palace sizes | Wool & Silk from all around the globe | Antiques, Semi-Antiques, Vegetable Dyes of city, Village, Nomadic | Tribals from Afghanistan, Persia, Pakistan, Tibet, China & India

Up to %70 off of real market price. Get %10 more discount just by mentioning website when you call us at (404) 355-1550 or visit our Bazaar. Simply browse our rug inventory through Rug Inventory menu. 


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KARAJEH / HERIZ PR1165 SF-263 6289344
KARAJEH / HERIZ PR1165 SF-263 6289344 antique geofloral iran karajeh medallion runner wool
 TABRIZ FC107 SF-107 61180005
TABRIZ FC107 SF-107 61180005 geofloral iran semiantique tabriz wool xlarge
HERIZ PR1157 PR-1157 25450169
HERIZ PR1157 PR-1157 25450169 geofloral heriz iran medallion semiantique wool xlarge
BIDJAR FC1181 SF-1181 5266643
BIDJAR FC1181 SF-1181 5266643 bidjar geofloral iran medallion small wool
 TABRIZ FC10 SF-10 61112552
TABRIZ FC10 SF-10 61112552 geofloral iran medallion semiantique tabriz wool xlarge
OUSHAK PR1202 CH-B7023 40700408
OUSHAK PR1202 CH-B7023 40700408 allover antique geofloral iran large oushak wool
 HERIZ PR1012 EK-102-41347 12910310
HERIZ PR1012 EK-102-41347 12910310 antique geofloral geometric heriz iran large wool
HERIZ FC2034 SF-2034 42405061
HERIZ FC2034 SF-2034 42405061 antique geofloral heriz iran medallion wool xlarge
KOLIAIE FC2071 SF-2071 45225361
KOLIAIE FC2071 SF-2071 45225361 geofloral iran koliaie large medallion new wool
OUSHAK PR1203 CH-A1802 731372414
OUSHAK PR1203 CH-A1802 731372414 allover geofloral new oushak turkey wool xlarge
BIDJAR E556616 E-81119 3145960
BIDJAR E556616 E-81119 3145960 bidjar geofloral india medallion small wool
 SERAPI BC196 ZO-96 30451846
SERAPI BC196 ZO-96 30451846 geofloral medallion new pakistan serapi wool xlarge
OUSHAK PR11204 CH-A1405 791434815
OUSHAK PR11204 CH-A1405 791434815 allover antique geofloral oushak turkey wool xlarge
SAROUGH PRT21211 DWJP-68266 38545469
SAROUGH PRT21211 DWJP-68266 38545469 geofloral india medallion sarough wool xlarge
HERIZ FC300 SF-300 12210002
HERIZ FC300 SF-300 12210002 geofloral heriz iran medallion semiantique wool xlarge
 HERIZ FC904 SF-904 52194251
HERIZ FC904 SF-904 52194251 antique geofloral heriz iran medallion wool xlarge
HERIZ FC1116 SF-1116 53162741
HERIZ FC1116 SF-1116 53162741 antique geofloral heriz iran medallion wool xlarge
BALOUCHY FC316 FC-316 5428831
BALOUCHY FC316 FC-316 5428831 afghanestan balouchy geofloral medallion small wool
HERIZ FC2019 SF-2019 46322541
HERIZ FC2019 SF-2019 46322541 antique geofloral heriz iran medallion wool xlarge
HERIZ FC1502 SF-1502 681481250
HERIZ FC1502 SF-1502 681481250 geofloral geometric heriz iran new wool xlarge
 HERIZ PR1015 EK-41345 101501011
HERIZ PR1015 EK-41345 101501011 antique geofloral heriz iran large wool